Friday, September 26, 2008

Etched Square Jar

I have been playing occasionally with glass etching over the past year and I was very pleased with how this particular project looked when it was finished. I think the green tint of the glass really helps make the etching stand out. I repeated the same design on each side of the jar, which did require a bit of precision and patience, but overall this was a fairly quick project.

This will be a nice jar for storing buttons, spools of thread or embroidery floss or other sewing notions. Or I could use it in the kitchen for my dried herbs. I could leave the lid off and put potpourri in it or use it as a candle holder.

In what way could/would you use a jar like this?


mrsb said...

What a great jar! I've always been interested in glass etching, but never had the guts to try it. Is it hard?

That would be a great jar for storing colorful buttons. Or maybe dried lavender flowers from the garden. Or for saving pennies. Or to use as a salt jar for by the stove.

I love a great jar, lol! I can find a million things to do with them!

intothedawn said...

MRSB~ glass etching is not hard at all, especially if you do chemical etching. At some point I will be posting a tutorial on this method, stay tuned!

Nydia said...

This jar looks great and lovely. I1d love to learn how to make one. I1d use it to store herbs in the kitchen, it got all to do with it!


intothedawn said...

NYDIA~ Thanks! I think you're right, with the leafy theme, it does seem like it needs to be in the kitchen for herbs-- or, to store loose-leaf blends of tea!