Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oct '08 Poly Cafe

The October issue of Polymer Cafe magazine is out. I picked it up over the weekend. Polymer Cafe is the only magazine I have found dedicated to all things polymer. It used to be published only quarterly, but went bi-monthly earlier this year, which made me very happy-- more inspiration, more often!

This issue has several different pendant ideas, the most interesting of which is the Double-Walled Pendant by Sophia Lenz. There are also a couple of articles for simple sculptures-- including a silly little one for making slugs-- yes, SLUGS-- by my favorite PC artist, Christi Friesen. Other projects presented are stamped bookmarks and creating the look of lampwork beads with polymer, as well as the results of the True Colors challenge.

I hate to say it, but all in all, I found this issue a bit disappointing. Usually I find several little "gems" that really inspire me in an issue, but nothing really did this time around, even though I did find some of the articles interesting. I think this is the first issue ever where I've felt let down.

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