Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beetle Mania

Scarab beetles, that is.

Just a couple of issues ago, Polymer Cafe had a tutorial by Lesley Mitchell Polinko on scarab beetles, so I had to give it a try:

They were easy to get the hang of and fun to make. In fact, they became rather addicting. So I ran with the idea and made it my own:

I added a separate clay piece in a contrasting color for the head and added an "edging" in contrasting color as well. Then I finished all of the beetles with a patina of gold acrylic paint to bring out the sculpted details.

These scarabs also have holes pierced in them so that they can be used as beads or pendants. Now to come up with an appropriate necklace design that will show them off!


Nydia said...

They look awesome, Turtle! It seems like fun making them! Loved the colors, so bright!

beweaver said...

Those are super cool! I just love them. Hmmm. thinking of using lapis blue and gold leaf to make it look like lapis. hmmmm,