Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Crafty Solution~ Knitpickers Yarn Tote

I don't know about other crocheters with pets, but my cat (whose name is Moose, btw) just loves to leave his fluff all over any project I'm crocheting, no matter how careful I am. So when I found this on clearance last week, I thought I'd give it a try; it's called a yarn tote:

I'm a mainly a thread crocheter and I can fit one large ball of thread or two smaller balls in here while I'm working and keep 'em from picking up fluff from everywhere. There's enough room to store my project in there when I'm not crocheting, too. I like the little clip because I tend to take projects with me, especially on visits back to IA to see family, so I can clip my project to my backpack or purse and have it handy for working, instead of having to dig my project out of my bag and search for my hook in the process. Believe me, when you're at the airport or stuck on the plane or crammed in the passenger side of the car, it's not as easy to dig a crochet project out of a bag as you would think.

I have a project I'm about to begin (I crochet more in the colder months), so I'm looking forward to seeing how this works. I think it's a neat idea.

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Nydia said...

It seems to be very handy indeed.
And apparently the best is that you keep the yarn untangled and clean!
Baruck has a love for our clean laundry, he always sleeps on top of it when we take them from the washing line (that's common here, insead of drying machines), and it gets all furry...