Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Cozy Trade

I'm looking for crochet patterns for tea cozies. A friend and co-worker wants to arrange a trade with me-- an alpaca shawl for a crocheted tea cozy. I'm thinking perhaps it should be a nice tea set-- cozy, place mat, napkin ring, maybe a coaster for good measure-- to make it a fair trade.

Here are links I've found for free tea cozy patterns that I thought were cute:

Rosy Cozy

Scallop Tea Cozy
which is similar to the...

Foxglove Tea Cozy

Simple Teapot Cozy could be fancied up with some crocheted flowers

Inexpensive patterns:

Honey Bee Kitchen set

Crochet Garden Tea Cozy (the smaller picture, pattern with rose)

Now to see if any of these patterns are appealing to my friend, and onward from there...

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