Sunday, November 23, 2008

Morning Prayer Collage

I've always collected poetry and prayers for my BOS, especially anything that is seasonal or nature related. I especially like Celtic poetry and prayers because of their rhythm.

Lately, I've been collecting prayers to say as part of my daily devotions; morning prayers, prayers for mid-day, evening and bedtime prayers. I decided that instead of just writing them down or printing pages of them for my BOS, I would create a collage for each group in my journal.

My current focus has been prayers that can be used to greet the morning and prepare for the beginning of the day, so I decided to use watercolor pencils to sketch a sunrise. I did layers of watercolor pencil mixed with regular colored pencil. Then I used water to soften the watercolor pencil lines, let the pages dry, and repeated that process a couple more times until I liked the look.

Since I wanted to fit as many prayers as possible on the 2 page spread, I typed the prayers on the computer and printed them out. Then I cut them apart and framed them with lightweight cardstock. Once I came up with a layout I liked, I pasted everything down. Then I used rubber stamps to embellish with little swirls and suns and to title the collage.

I like the look of the vibrant oranges, yellows and purples together-- the pages seem full of morning energy to me.


mrsb said...

Just gorgeous!

intothedawn said...

Thanks, Mrs. B! It was fun to do.

Nydia said...

Oh, it's so full of energy! It will surely give you that warm vibe we all need inthe morning. Lovely!

intothedawn said...

Thanks, Nydia! I was really happy with the energy "vibe" of the page when it was finished. Glad others can feel that energy too!

Anonymous said...

love! This is an awesome inspiration! Thanks!