Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get This Cozy Started

The pattern has been chosen, the yarn has been acquired, the hook has been located AND--

the crocheting has COMMENCED!

I know the pattern calls for wool yarn, but I made an executive decision to go with kitchen cotton. Why? It's durable and shouldn't shrink when washed (at least, not too much). And being that this is a tea cozy and will be used frequently (she drinks LOTS of tea), I would say it's a safe bet it's going to get dribbled on from time to time and need washed. Plus, no danger of kitchen cotton felting. So there ya go.

Okay I know that it's probably too early to tell but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this tea cozy is going to be just too cute! And worthy of a trade for an alpaca shawl.


Nydia said...

I'm sure it will be the cutest ever. Your friend will love it, it will be made with so much care and love in it! I used to crochet when I was younger, and don't know why, I simply stopped. My middle sister taught the the art when I was nine and wanted to watch the Oscar ceremony (I looooove it...) late at night and I was too sleepy. So she taught me some basics, and I made a center piece for my mother while watching the ceremony (she still have it, when I'm in Petropolis I'l take a photo to show you).


intothedawn said...

NYDIA that is such a neat memory. Yes! I'd love to see pictures of the centerpiece you made, so cool your mom still has it.