Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pieces & Parts

I've been experimenting with two of my favorite things: polymer clay and rubber stamps. Well, three actually-- can't forget the Pearl Ex powders...

So here are some pendants in progress, using stamping for texture and powders for color and/or embellishment. Also played around with assorted cutters, beveled edge and regular edge. Now for the beads and what not to finish them off!

I have several more ideas brewing, I really need to sketch out more of my inspirations and get them down on paper just so I don't forget them; I swear, my short term memory lasts less than--- wait, what were we talking about? *snort*


Sacred Suzie said...

Those are beautiful! My favourite is the red heart on the black my style! The textures the stamps give to the clay is absolutely fantastic.

intothedawn said...

Thanks, Suzie! That pendant is reversible, too-- it has the heart on one side and then just a textured background highlighted with silver on the reverse side; so its really two pendants in one! I had fun with that idea.