Friday, January 16, 2009

Secret #2~ Honoring Your Inspirations

When did your creative awakening/reawakening occur?

I've been creative my whole life, but I've awakened to this fact only within these past few years.

When I was younger my creativity was expressed through creative writing, choir, drama and unusual outfits and hair colors. After high school, I was a floral designer for a few years and fell in love with color and texture. Then came the lean years during college and afterwards, working as an assault victim advocate, counselor for at-risk teens and social work case aide. I did learn to crochet during this time and my friend JLo introduced me to rubber stamping, but most of my creative adventures were few and far between.

In my late 30's I began to experiment with creative journaling, collage-- and I discovered polymer clay. And that was when I realized I really want to do something with this. And I realized I have all sorts of ideas of things I could make. And then I had my awakening-- I really AM a creative person. I LOVE being creative. Being creative makes me happy. Being creative is what I want to do. Being creative is WHO I AM. At the age of 40, I finally know this.

Where and when do you create?

Trust me, its never this pristine when I'm working.

I am very lucky because I have a whole room for my creativity. I painted it a lovely twilight shade of purple and made the curtains myself. I have shelves and closet space to organize all my creative tools and supplies. I have bookcases for all my books. I have a nice large desk and comfortable chair to sit in while I work. I have another comfy chair to sit in while I read, research, dream and pray. I am surrounded by altars and Goddesses and ancestors. I have a CD player for music. I am very, very blessed to have such a space for creative work.

My desk altar.

In the afternoons, the sunlight comes in my window and the glow beckons me into my craft room. I go to my altar and light incense and turn on some music. Sometimes I just sit in the sun or stand at my altar and gaze out the window. Other times I sit at my desk with the sun on my back and I begin to play... with clay, with stamps, with felt tip pens, or beads... and often-- hours later-- I find myself in a darkened room, surrounded by a towering pile of supplies and a finished project in front of me. (Or, its time to make dinner and I regretfully leave my project in limbo).

Does nature influence your creativity? How?

It absolutely does! The colors of my room were inspired by the colors of sunrise/sunset. Most of my projects are inspired by a season, an animal, a flower... I'm always thinking of ways to incorporate some aspect of nature into my work. I'm also inspired by my spiritual path, so I also think in terms of the elements-- earth, air, fire, water... more nature influences.

My other big influences are color and texture. I want to create things that are a feast for the eyes, that pop with color and beg to be touched because of interesting textures.

What has been your greatest creative hurdle so far?

The naysayers... "I sure wish I could wander around the craft store every other day." "Must be nice to sit around and play with crafts all day." And so on and so forth. Hey, I've found what brings me joy, not my problem that you haven't been able to do the same. Don't take it out on me.

Also, I am a perfectionist. So I want whatever I make to be perfect, the first time I make it. And of course it never is. I've been seriously thinking about getting a "Wreck This Journal" to work through-- to learn how to be messy, destructive, imperfect, spontaneous and slapdash instead of such a perfectionist. I am my own worst critic.

I'm trying to accustom myself to thinking in terms of "Let's see what happens if I try this or that; what do I like better?" I'm figuring out how to think in terms of "Let's look at this as a learning experience." I've had to learn to leave it, think about it, come back to it later. Most recently, I've been learning to sketch out ideas and play with them on paper before I start my actual work.

So much more from this chapter I could go into... this is good for starters.


Kavindra said...

"Hey, I've found what brings me joy, not my problem that you haven't been able to do the same. Don't take it out on me"

YES I shouted as I read this! As an envious person myself too. We enviers must learn to use our envy to propel ourselves towards our own dreams, not to make snarky comments to people already living theirs. You tell em!

(You have a friend named JLo? Do you tease her mercilessly?)

Your room is fantastic. What I admire is not that you are so "lucky" but that you took it and ran with it. And painted it purple too.

And polymer clay was a godsend to me too. As a woman who hasn't yet claimed a lovely space for herself, polymer clay has given me something small and manageable I can work with that I absolutely LOVE

Sacred Suzie said...

I love that people are jealous of your life! You are totally on the right path when that happens. Your creative space is amazing and I absolutely adored learning even more about you my friend. You have such an artistic yet socially-inspired and conscious personality. You rock!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the naysayers. I love this observation.

Unhappy people love to try to drag down the happy, don't they?

As if our happiness were handed to us, when in reality we have worked hard and made the hard choices. So there! (I am sticking out my tongue at those naysayers!)

intothedawn said...

KAVINDRA~ another poly clay enthusiast, yay! Yeah, the purple room seems to be a bit too much for most people, but that's okay-- it guarantees that I have all that space for myself! LOL And I really do have a friend named JLo-- she said it was funny for about the first 6 months of her marriage...

SACRED SUZIE~ Its great to have found my path! Wish I could visit and help you paint and arrange your room to create the perfect, inspiring creative space for you, too. Wouldn't that be fun?

BLISSCHICK~ They certainly do try to drag you down. And you're so right-- this joy was handed to me, it took me a loooooong time to discover it! Like hell I'm gonna give it up now!

peppylady said...

Oh how I wish I could create more then I do.
I have to go to bring in pay check.
But if my world was perfect I would be a home maker and create the rest of the time.

Coffee is on.

linda said...

your creating space is beautiful and your words inspired...I am glad we have met through the group!

If you ever want to, I can show you how to make a real MESS!! ;)

blessings to you...

Kriebels en Krabbels said...

I love your deskaltar! Wreck this journal... oops mine is covered with dust (for more than a year). But I'm beginning to see the fun of Keri's Credo: To create is to destroy.

intothedawn said...

PEPPY~ I wish you were able to do all the creating you crave, too. I would love for you to open your cereamics shop. I know when my job schedule goes FT, I am too tired to do any creating, even though I long to.

LINDA~ Good to meet you, too! I'd love to learn how to make a big ol' mess-- problem is... who do we get to clean it up? ;)

KREIBELS & KRABBELS~ It's one of my fave altars, with elements from some of my fave places. To create is to destroy, eh? I really do need to get that journal...

Genie Sea said...

OH! The Joy! I adore your studio and I am happy you have it. Your desk altar is dreamy! :)

I love that you know what you love and you could care a flying frozen meal if anyone else does. Naysayers be GONE! :)

Follow your bliss! It brings bliss to the rest of us too :)

Ixsandra said...

I was almost 40 when I recognized my creative spirit too. No wonder there's the old saying "Life begins at 40". Thanks for sharing the photos of your lovely work space. Your jewelry is gorgeous too. Oh yes, about the perfectionism, as a Virgo, I spent years trying to be perfect to no avail. Then I read how Persian rug makers (I might be wrong about this, it was a long time ago) always included a flaw, so as not to offend God. Now I look at each of my mistakes as a prayer and a reminder that I'm only human.

Diana said...

Your work room sounds beautiful. how wonderful it must be to have all that space. it's so nice to have found a kindred soul. I am just learning about polymer clay and had the same feelings you did when I first tried it out.

Sheila said...

My youngest daughter gave me a "Wreck This Journal" when she went back to college this year...LOL and I pulled it out of its pretty much untouched Amazon shipping box this month thinking I'd use it for 'play time'. It's really hard to burn pages, break book spines on purpose, intentionally stain pages with food/coffee or whatever when you have always been the 'good girl' and perfectionist. I'm probably gonna hafta show mine for inspection next month though.

Thanks for sharing pics of your space.

Lisa said...

Love your attitude and your amazing space. That paint color is just perfect!

gemma said...

I've never seen Wreck This Journal before...sounds fun! This is great meeting creative women to share with on this bookblog.

intothedawn said...

GENIE SEA~ Its a wonderful feeling to have finally figured out what I love-- and have a perfect place to be doing it, too!

IXSANDRA~ Oh, I love that story about the Persian rug makers. I think I must begin to look at my mistakes the same way you do. Thank you for sharing that.

DIANA~ So good to meet another poly clayer! I'd love to share techniques, trials and tribulations with you.

SHEILA~ I knew it couldn't be easy! And I generally treat my books and journals with reverence. Are you beginning to find freedom in being destructive yet? It has to be a true learning experience, I'm sure! Love to see pics of your wrecking progress.

LISA~ Thanks! Most people walk into my studio and all they can say is, "Wow... its really... purple..." LOL

GEMMA~ I agree, its awesome to meet so many creative women all doing so many different creative things. Love this opportunity.

Jamie said...

I just loved reading this. I felt like I was getting to come over to your place and hear all about your creative process and space. Thanks for sharing the picture too - the paint colour is so beautiful and your desk altar, inspiring.

As for the naysayers, it's a great reminder that you've created something beautiful. Yay you for pursuing your creative passions! May it inspire them to do the same.

PS Thanks for the encouragement about Soul Coaching. Yes, Denise Linn teaches a certification course at her ranch in California. It's on my infamous list of things I want to do.

Britt said...

thank you for your uplifting comments on my blog! your artistry in your crafting and creating is astounding. i only wish i had those abilities...for some reason my mind does not translate well to my hands in images. so i rely on words and the body in movement. it is a pleasure to witness your brand of magic. congratulations on claiming what you love!

intothedawn said...

JAMIE~ If the rest of the room wasn't in such chaos, I'd have shared a few more pics. LOL Thanks for sharing a great perspective re: naysayers, I like it!

BRITT~ Thank you so much for your sweet words. My hands are creative, but I have to live vicariously through others when it comes to movement... how I would love to be graceful and coordinated!

BB said...

BEAUTIFUL creating space you have there :-)

Lisa PN said...

First off, thanks for your post on my piece! Yes, i am a night owl. Actually, i totally understand that world of beginning when it's light outside and then looking up into the darkness of the night. Sometimes i am surprised by the transformation from light to dark! It's amazing!

As for the naysayers, yep, i have them too. That really resonated with me, as sometimes those naysayers can also be friends. i think that sometimes people don't realize what there words mean, how harsh they might be.

I always figure that those people really just are stuck creatives and that they really just would like to do the same thing!

Thanks for the sharing, it's wonderful!

jennlui said...

ooohhh yay!!! i always LOVE seeing pics of someone's work space and yours is SO delightful!!! i absolutely love your desk altar, with your goddess and little medicine bowl.... thank YOU for sharing!!!

peace and love to you!!!

amy said...

I love your room! I can relate to the naysayers portion very much. Even if people don't say something I still pick up on it and feel weird or slightly guilty. Then I realize that I have made my own life the way I want it and they have to do that for themselves. You should get Wreck This Journal yes! I wrecked portions of it and now I don't know where I put it but I think it's in the garage! :)

Anonymous said...

"I LOVE being creative. Being creative makes me happy. Being creative is what I want to do. Being creative is WHO I AM. At the age of 40, I finally know this."

I hope that when I turn 40 in 2010, that I am as solidly sure of myself as you are. Wonderful!

intothedawn said...

BB~ Thanks so much!

LISA PN~ You're so welcome! I've always regarded twilight as a magical time of day, perhaps that's why so often my creative time is centered around those hours of the day.

JENNLUI~ I love that little bowl on my altar so much that when it cracked and broke, I glued the pieces back in place. I couldn't give it up!

AMY~ The guilt, yes... and then I think about how much joy my choice has brought me, and I know I've made the right choice for ME.

D,A or M~ Something about turning 40 is freeing-- I'd say I have to agree, "Life begins at 40." :)

Faerie said...

I love your creative space ... such a gorgeous colour too!

I "happened" across "Wreck This Journal" the other morning ... and thought what a wonderful idea to explore creative destruction in such a way!

intothedawn said...

FAERIE~ Its a color from my childhood... when I was very little, my bedroom was painted purple, and I've always remembered that.