Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Inspires & Fascinates Me

This week's chapter for 12 Secrets has me thinking more about what inspires and fascinates me creatively...

My tools inspire me. Having lots of tools to play and experiment with, as well as finding the right tool for the project really helps me. Tools for shaping and texturing and cutting. Its fascinating to play with a tool and see what you can do with it. Its also fascinating that you can find a tool for doing absolutely anything, if you look long enough. Above are just some of my very favorite tools.

Color inspires and fascinates me. Colors from nature and art supplies that are colorful or help create color are inspiring. The more color the better! I love using bold, bright color; its fascinating to mix colors and see what I get, and I love playing with unusual color combinations.

Books, booklets, magazines, brochures and pamphlets. I get inspired reading about new ideas, seeing finished projects, learning through tutorials... I find something new and I'm fascinated. I flip through my reading material endlessly, seeing what catches my attention, making mental notes of things I want to try, looking for inspiration.

The one thing I realize from reading other participants' posts on inspiration is that what I don't have much of is support from others. I realize that I feel isolated in this area. Of course my husband is supportive, but he also admits he doesn't understand my creative drive. He's not a kindred spirit in that sense. Family is far away, I don't really get to share with them much and real life friends don't really get the whole creative thing, either. Most of my support from other people comes from online friends. I do wish I had more people that I could share my creative dreams with, I'd really like to know more creative kindred spirits and have more opportunities to "talk shop".


Genie Sea said...

There is a different energy when you are physically around people who create and love to create. I would offer advice like take a class etc, but it is not advice I would take myself. I have found that just because someone is creative, doesn't mean that person is nurturing towards others' creativity.


We come to this community. These "bloggers" are not only creative themselves, but are a fountain of support for others as well. Bathe in their warmth. May your creativity bloom!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh that is so hard! I know what you mean. Most of my support comes from here too. The online world. I am glad you have it though because we believe in you and love what you are doing!

Ananda said...

Your tools make me scream juicy creative goddess.

jennlui said...

yes it is quite the challenge to find kindred spirits in the flesh for fun and support... as others have said this is also why i have come here too in blogland... to finally meet the magical souls that "get me" and support me as well as inspire me... we do have each other here!!! sisters in creativity!!!

love your pics!!! i too find lots and LOTS of inspirations in books and magazines and just about anything and everything around me!!! fabulously fun to be open to the beauty that surrounds us!!!

peace and love

Sacred Suzie said...

I just wanted to say that you are making homemade stock! My Mom used to use bones like that to make her turkey stock.

Even if you run out of time to make the stock with the chicken, just put it in a zip lock bag in the freezer. I have two in there right now! I have a lot of stock to make, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! So much creative energy in these pictures - I love them!

You are so inspiring!
I love my books on creativity - they are such muses to me.

great post!