Thursday, February 19, 2009

Knots & Backdrops

I've been practicing my Chinese knots, starting to really get the hang of it. Once I've learned how to make the knot, practicing rather reminds me of the meditative state I go into when crocheting, concentrating on the ins, outs and arounds of the knots.

The necklace above has button knots. I am finally getting the hang of how to follow the loops around the knots so that I can move and space them correctly. The necklace below has a double coin knot and cross knots using the diamond stitch variation.

I also got some new papers to use for backgrounds for photos of jewelry items. I tried to find some light colored backdrops that had some interesting textures which wouldn't be too distracting from the jewelry. This last one is a bit wild, but I think it's my favorite.

These are a few necklaces that I think will be going to a local shop that carries some of my jewelry. I still have some more of the Chinese calligraphy pendants to string, but it's slow going as I practice my knotwork. Still, I'm pleased with the end results.


Genie Sea said...

These are stunning and illuminating! Wonderful work! :)

CynthiaMarie said...

Wow! Seriously impressive girlfriend!!
those little knots add so much. Nice work. Nice choice on colors too. -- You chose wisely on the background papers, they add to and don't distract!


Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the top two!

mrsb said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous!

Karri said...

Beautiful jewelry. They have a lot of character. And your pictures are so clear and crisp. Well done all the way!