Sunday, February 22, 2009

Secret #7~ Consulting With Guides

We're into week seven of TNC: 12 Secrets, and to my surprise, this chapter about consulting with guides has completely thrown me for a loop. I've been struggling with writing this post since Friday afternoon. I'm sure I've had guides along the way, or I wouldn't be where I am now; my creativity wouldn't have flourished as it has. But I am having trouble pinpointing this guidance, so my response to this chapter may end up being quite meandering and turn out to be more than one post.

Remembering Early Influences

When I think about creative people from my childhood, the one person I think of most is Grandma. She drew these intricate, swirly, colorful designs with felt tip pens all the time. She embroidered some of those designs with bright colored embroidery floss and made little doily mats with rows upon rows of bright lace ruffles on the edges. She drew pictures, too. She made clothes for my Barbie dolls without using patterns, out of scraps of cloth and even colorful dishcloths and embroidered little flowers or made flowers out of lace.

I never knew when she did these things, I don't ever recall her working on anything, but suddenly, the next time I visited, I would notice a finished project around the house. Grandma was very much in her own world, even when she wasn't creating. But I remember being allowed to use her felt tip pens to draw when I visited, and I remember being fascinated by all the vibrant and unusual color combinations she used and knowing she had a creative gift.

Initiating/Joining a Group

When I was younger, Mom supported my creativity by enrolling me in Children's Theatre drama classes and going to my plays and choir shows. I continued in drama and choir in junior high school and was supported by one particular teacher who also encouraged my creative writing. And when I was in high school I became a member of our Thespian troupe. It was during this time that I became trapped in an abusive relationship which ended up isolating me from all the friends and teachers I met through theatre. I often wonder how different my life would have been if I hadn't become isolated from drama and choir members.

In my 20's I became involved in a rape support group that used writing, collage and drawing as therapy, which turned out to be a wonderful tool for me. I've believed that creative work has the power to heal ever since then. In recent years I've tried to find an art therapist to do further healing, but to no avail so far, nor does our insurance support such therapy, which I think is a shame. Still, doing creative work on my own has been enough to help me deal with depression and anxiety issues.

Currently, I'm involved in a tarot group that meets monthly, and I find tarot decks to be little works of art. I think they are very fascinating and inspiring and my group is inspiring as well, always coming up with fun exercises for exploring and using the cards. Plus, I am meeting and building a circle of creative and supportive people through blogging and this 12 Secrets group. I hope that these connections will continue even after our book blogging group has finished.

My most recent venture-- well, I've joined Mother Henna's most current collaborative HeART project exploring the Hero & the Shadow. I'm excited and terrified! I feel out of my league, and yet, I'm looking forward to the challenge, and I'm looking forward to those I'll meet through being part of this project.


Genie Sea said...

YAY! We are in the Hero Shadow project together! Out of your league? Pshaw! You rock!

It was fascinating reading about your guides. It put a smile on my face :)

CynthiaMarie said...

I had so much fun with acting when I was young, it was so good to hear of your experience with the theater.

Also, your creativity circle sounds wonderful1 Good for you!!

Oh, and heaven's, I can't leave without mentioning tarot -- I so agree with the little works of art you describe them to be!!

Have a great week!

amy said...

The tarot sure is a guide along with yourself really too. I got overwhelmed with this chapter and was sort of confused until I started looking at the next chapter then that helped a bit too. :) Hope you have a good week.

peppylady said...

Sorry it took me so long to stop by.
It amazing how many guides we have in life but a lot time after reading the post on guide.
I have total forgot about some of mine in the past or I stuck way back in closet.

Coffee is on and it sure not and old post.

Jamie Ridler said...

I just loved reading these remembrances of your development as a creative being. You've really made me think about how sometimes we can be guided just by being in the presence of creativity and also community.

Enjoy the Hero Shadow project! Yay you for moving towards what is exciting and frightening - the hero is showing up already :)

Lissa said...

I too believe that creative work has the power to heal. And that is a wonderful thing.