Saturday, February 28, 2009

Secret #8~ Partnerships & Alliances

It's week 8 of TNC: 12 Secrets. This week's secret is about selecting empowering partnerships and alliances.

I think the very words of this chapter are important to note: Selecting. Empowering. Partnerships. Alliances. This isn't about being stuck in a job you hate, working with people you don't like. This is about choice. SELECTING the right people, people who EMPOWER you, people who balance the PARTNERSHIP, people who are your ALLIES. Now, that sounds like a job/career that would really be worth being a part of, doesn't it?

I've not yet had this kind of experience, but in thinking about this chapter, I realize there was a time where I came close. The first year after moving to CO, I met the Rose Lady. She worked PT at the same place I did, plus she had her own business selling wonderful real rose jewelry. I started helping her from time to time with sales at craft shows, art shows and the local Renaissance faire. I also helped do some silk floral and jewelry production.

Though at the time I felt like I was just a sales assistant, I realized by reading chapter 8, and thinking back about how the Rose Lady treated me and talked to me, this situation encompassed many characteristics of a partnership. She was respectful and appreciative of the work I did for her, she ran new ideas past me and we brainstormed together, I helped her with problem-solving situations, she respected my opinions and I respected hers, we balanced each other well when we worked shows together... I learned a lot from her about running one's own business.

At this point in time, I feel like I'm just in the early stages of discovering myself as a creative person and selling my work. I'm enjoying my creativity and working in solitude. Creating is like a meditation for me and at this point I can't imagine working with another person...

But this doesn't mean I'm not looking to create some alliances. What I would like at this point is a way to connect with others who are creative and to connect with others who work with polymer clay. Back around the time I opened my Etsy shop, I also joined the Pagans of Etsy Street Team, hoping to make some connections, but its been a fairly quiet group. Plus, I tend to be introverted, especially in group situations, so I'm having a hard time putting myself out there, something I need to work on.

Some other alliances I'm considering are joining the polymer clay guild at Etsy, deviantART, and participating in some of the poly clay challenges at PCAGOE and PCC. Some alliances in the works are: I'm participating in Mother Henna's HeART collaboration (there are still openings-- come join us!) and Jennlui's Goddess Journey Circle. And of course, TNC: 12 Secrets, too!

Whew, that's quite a bit! And I thought this chapter didn't really apply to me at this time. Seems that at least some of it does, after all.


BEADNIK (petra.janssen) said...

After reading your post I felt so much better. I always thought I'm a nerd when it comes to groups ... :)

Genie Sea said...

It's wonderful how something we think doesn't apply to us, triggers a shower of realizations! That's splendid! :) You are reaching out and branching out, and I know this will come to fruition. You have developed a solid foundation with your partnership with Rose, and now you know how it feels! Awesome :)

amy said...

I liked this post and can relate to it definitely. It often doesn't occur to most of us that we could work in a partnership or group (whether we would like to or not is another story). There's an online group I am in Milliande Creative. I think you can google it. I have done one of their chats before and it was so fun and helpful. Plus it's all women and all creative souls. :)

Lissa said...

I just wanted you to know that I am enjoying your creativity (and your thoughts on it) as well:)

Anonymous said...

You are so so right: Choosing is the key! Thank you for a beautiful post!