Monday, March 2, 2009

Goddess Journey Circle

Yesterday was the first day of Goddess Journey Circle, created and hosted by Jenn at A Trinket Treasury. I'm very excited about this journey; I've always wanted to be in a circle with creative goddess women! I hope that I will grow and learn a lot and I look forward to connecting with some wonderful women through this experience.

This is the altar I created in honor of my Goddess Journey Circle. My inner creative goddess has a thing for the colors purple and orange together. Sunrise/sunset colors! Also colors associated with energy and spirituality. I decided to include my orange pomander for its energy, and the candles are surrounded by dried herbs & flowers from my herb garden:
  • chamomile~ meditation, calmness, blessing, balance
  • lavender~ peace, creativity, healing
  • calendula~ dreams, psychic powers
  • rose~ love, emotions
  • orange~ love, good fortune, divination
  • cloves~ ward negativity, spirit companion offering
The altar cloth is a tea towel that was embroidered by my Gram a long time ago. I have a set of them in pastel colors that I love to use for altars. The 'leap,' 'dare,' and 'friend' stones are from my longtime friend, J Lo, who gave them to me many years ago. I've always found them comforting yet encouraging. The star bag holds my Tarot of Transformation deck, a wonderful spiritual and healing deck with lots of sunrise/sunset colors that appeal to my inner goddess.

I chose two cards from the deck for our Goddess circle-- authentic connection and authentic nourishment. This is what I hope I will get from the group and what I hope each of us can give ourselves, as well. The stone on the cards is rose quartz, for friendship and self-love.

If you think you've seen the collage that's on my altar before, yup, you're right. This is a collage I created a couple of years ago when I first began to get in touch with my creative self. I love this collage! It completely expresses the person I am, the person I want to be-- my creative goddess side. It's starting to get a bit faded; I'd like to redo it and frame it, that's how much I like this collage.

I'm sure more will be added, as well as things changed, on this altar during my journey, but for now, this is where I begin.


megg said...

This is absolutely beautiful! You have inspired me to get going on the projects!! I have an altar, but I just seem to ignore it (which defeats the purpose!) But I think that I will refresh it and add things just for this journey -

and how perfect to include something from your Gran. I am a firm believer in honouring the women in our family. I hope that all of this amazing energy that you are creating brings you everything you want out of this journey!


Genie Sea said...

Oh how exciting! I look forward to hearing about your journey in Jennlui's Goddess Circle! I know it will be fantastic! :)

Your altar is simply magical :)

mrsb said...

How beautiful!

Her Speak said...

What an incredible temple to Self! This is wonderful--so many colors, textures and intentions at work!

I like to include items from family members in my altars too, it feels like a good way to keep them grounded, give them strong roots. :) I'm so excited to circle with you!!

Many Blissings~*

Nydia said...

This is wonderful, Turtle! I wish I had the proper time to join this circle too! Maybe when I'm setteled in my new home, I'll look for something similar, loved it!!

Kisses from us.

~Barb~ said...

This is so beautiful and meaningful. I get such a positive energy just looking at your awesome inspire me to take the time to make one of my own.

Thank you for finding led me to you. I adore finding new friends, especially creative, open-minded ones that I have things in common with, like you. YAY! Thanks for your kind means so much coming from a fellow "sufferer." *Hugs*

Peace & Love,

jennlui said...

oooooohhh beautiful goddess altar!!! i love how you have assembled some of your favorite things!!! how meaningful and full of energy it is!!! and the colors!!! it just screams celebration fo your goddess self!!! thank you so very much for sharing!!!

love to you