Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hero Panel WIP

I think I've mentioned a couple of times that I'm participating in Mother Henna's artist collaboration project. The subject is Hero & Shadow, creating a 6" x 10" panel for each persona/archetype.

Above is the background of my panel and below are the pieces and parts that will fill it in. I decided to go with lots of color, texture and quite a little bit of tarot influence for my Hero panel. Can you guess which cards have inspired me?

I've been experimenting with some new ideas and techniques, some sculpting, and adding a tiny bit on non-polymer media like beads and wire. I'm not exactly sure what kind of art category my panels fit into, it's not exactly collage, not exactly sculpture. Whatever it is, its coming together at last.

Want to participate in this art collaboration project? There are still 7 artist spots open. Contact Mother Henna through her blog. Want to see everyone's finished Hero/Shadow panels? Mother Henna will be publishing a book containing all participants' submissions and it will be available at


coltpixy said...

Oooh! Don't forget to show us the completed project once you put the pieces in place. Looks great so far!

mrsb said...

Can't wait to see it finished!

Genie Sea said...

This looks exciting!!! It's a mixed media piece, since you're asking :)

sukigirl said...

I love when people post their WIP pics, it's like peeking over their shoulder. It's looking really good!

intothedawn said...

COLTPIXY~ Thanks! I have a few more weeks to work on 'em, so it'll be soon.

MRS B~ Stay tuned!

GENIE SEA~ I thought it might be considered mixed media, but wasn't sure. :)

SUKIGIRL~ Thank you! I love seeing WIPs too; I like seeing creativity in process.

Nydia said...

I already love the way it is, imagine when everything is put together! Can't wait to see it finished too! This project seems so cool, I was reading Hennas' blog, how creative and challenging it is, mayber next time I dare joining it! :o)