Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Disconnect

I don't know why, but I am having a hard time connecting with the spring seasonal tide this year. I think it's because it feels like we haven't even had any winter yet. There's barely been any snow at all this year and everything is dry, dry, dry, and the weather has been unseasonably warm for most of the winter, too.

I suppose some who have been pounded with snow and ice all winter would find this a blessing, but I don't. It feels so wrong. And the land seems so parched. We desperately need moisture.

Usually I am so geared up for March to arrive and the spring equinox. But not this year... it feels like the weather has been in a holding pattern since October. Most years, I would have made a trip to the local greenhouse for seeds already and have planted them on spring equinox. This year I haven't. I just can't even imagine seeds wanting to sprout or being able to survive in this dry, dead weather, although I know seeds are tenacious little souls.

My hyacinths came up in the front yard, which is always a sight that gladdens my day; but the blooms dried up after a few days. The peonies have thrust their red shoots up from the ground and I give thanks when ever I pass by. My eyes greedily drink in the sight of the green leaves of the crocus and daffodils working their way out of the hard soil. I fear for them, will they dry up too?

My whole being is calling for heavy, wet snows or thundering, pouring rains. I swear I will go outside and dance in it, I truly will. The land, and my soul, thirsts.


amy said...

I can relate although I wish some of the dry weather would come our way! We usually get some sun in March and nothing. It rains it is cloudy and we can't plant seeds, or haven't yet. I want Spring flowers and a little fresh rain with sun and rainbows! Blessings,

peppylady said...

Weather is something else recently. Spring is sure taking it sweet time. My veggie garden spot finely got the snow off of that area.
I have bulbs coming up but nothing in bloom
A few minute ago we had a hail and snowstorm combo.

Well some day spring will come and they are a few small sign of spring but one have to look or least we do in Northern Idaho.

Coffee is on.

Genie Sea said...

May your land be washed with healing waters. May it blossom and bloom. May you as well. :)

We have had a lot of snow this year, but I can totally understand your perspective. The beauty of seasons is their unique weather. It would be most disconcerting to lose that!

Sorrow said...

Not easy being green.
the weather has been a fickle wench, and if your listening to hear,
you can probably hear her discontent.
I fear your getting some of the silver Ion left overs from the olympics..

Lissa said...

I have confidence that soon your yard will be a feast for all of the senses. You must take a picture to share for those of us(Okay, just me) that only seem to be able to grow sunflowers in spurts. Your flowers will blossom and so will your faith.And you shall dance:)

Nydia said...

... And so your wish was heard by the gods!