Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm on ArtFire

I recently opened my shop on ArtFire! Here are just a couple of the polymer clay pieces I have listed:

Green Pearl Rosette pendant necklace

Subtle Sunset mica shift pendant necklace

Come visit my studio Into the Dawn Designs on ArtFire to see the other treasures I've created-- who knows if there's something there waiting just for you...

ALSO-- I'm a proud member of the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild at ArtFire. Its a great, inspiring and active guild. And guess whose member interview appeared on the guild blog this past week? C'est moi! Come check it out!

While you're there, browse through all the other member interviews already posted-- we've got a talented crew. And be sure to bookmark the PCSG blog-- we have lots of great poly clay posts in the works-- more member interviews, poly clay Q & A, tips and techniques, Tool Drool Tuesdays all coming up!

You can also find the work of our talented crew on Flickr: ArtFire Poly Clay Smooshers


Draven said...

I thought you might enjoy this article it has a link where you can get your own rubber stamps made...

intothedawn said...

DRAVEN~ Thanks for the link! This is something I'd really like to try. Sometimes its difficult to keep track of which stamp companies are "angel" companies (meaning you can make items to sell with their designs) and which aren't. Be so much easier if I had stamps I designed meself!

Draven said...

Ive bought the stuff to carve my own stamps but its so much work, i love that i can take my designs and send it someplace, saves my sanity lol

justmichelle54 said...

Welcome to Artfire. These pendants are beautiful. I love the sunset pendant as it reminds me of my trip to Cabo last year! Good Luck.

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Nydia said...

Congrats, Turtle!! I'm so happy for you! With all this talent, you would never go invisible! :o) You're a sweetie.

Kisses from us!

PS: We're at home! :o) Soon you candle holders will be in place!

Nydia said...

Hmm... No fees? Hmm... Sounds good to me... Hmm... GBotta think about it! :o)

intothedawn said...

DRAVEN~ I would love to carve my own stamps, but I don't know that I'd ever have the talent or patience for that!

MICHELLE~ Thanks for the Welcome and well wishes, and thanks for dropping by my blog!

NYDIA~ Thanks, girlfriend! (can't wait to see pics of your home after you're settled-- hope you get all your furniture soon)