Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thunder & Lightning

The weather here has been crazy these past few days-- absolute torrential downpours, real thunderstorms, complete with thunder and lightning! This hardly ever happens here in my area of Colorado. Usually if we get rain its a nice gentle shower that lasts maybe 20-30 minutes.

Until these past few days, I could count on probably one hand the number of times we ever had a true thunderstorm in the past 9 years that I've lived in Colorado. But we've had two separate thunderstorms already today. Yesterday we got caught in a thunderstorm when we were at the garden center. It lasted over an hour. Its insane!

But honestly, I'm loving it. I've always loved thunderstorms; the more rain, thunder and lightning, the better. Its one thing I've really missed since we moved away from Iowa, those wild spring thunderstorms. Happily, more storms are predicted for the next few days here!

I ran out today between the two storms and planted my basil and red geraniums. I hope that chamomile and basil are compatible because I put the basil in my oak barrel planters with the chamomile that self-seeded and came back from last year. Hopefully, they won't make each other smell or taste funny. I decided to try basil this year because I use so much of it when cooking; I'd love to grow enough of my own to keep myself stocked up over winter. That would be awesome.

I'm kind of sad about it, but I've decided not to try a vegetable garden this year. I just haven't had good luck the past few years. I even tried moving my veggie garden to another spot last year and it didn't help. I have such poor soil in my yard. What I hope to do in the future is build one or two raised beds for vegetable gardening. Just not going to happen this year, though.

However, I am focusing on my herb friends this year. My soil may be poor for veggies, but my herbs are loving it. My lemon balm, lavender, tansy, hyssop and sage are all very happy. So is the periwinkle and sweet woodruff, although I'm worried about them. They like shade and unfortunately, the neighbor's tree which hangs over the fence and shades them has died way back. I don't know if its going to make it, the neighbors will probably cut it down. I'm wondering where I can move my shade-lovers so I don't lose them. Have to wait and see...

Are you doing any gardening this year? How is it going so far?


Sorrow said...

I gave up on tansy years ago.. I don't need natural mordants any more, and it was hell to keep up with when it was blooming.
If you lose the tree, consider transplanting to a side of the house that only gets morning sun..
Let it rain!!!
I loved the rocky mountain thunder storms, nothing quite like red lightning, and the mountains silhouetted.

AutumnZ said...

I decided to let go of the idea of a garden this year. I just lack the wherewithal to fool with it. Instead, I have struck a deal with my aunt (she grows acres of stuff) for candles and candle oil in exchange for fresh vegetables and fruit.

sukigirl said...

I love thunderstorms too but my dog doesn't. We regularly get thunderstorms up here, some really good ones where the sky is filled with lightning bolts.

We usually take our holidays in the summer so the past 5 years we have been away. This year we staying close to home so I have my small plants sitting outside waiting to be planted. May 24th is the last frost date for us so I'll be planting this week.

I'm growing tomatoes, peppers, zucchini (mostly so that I can stuff the edible flowers), cucumbers, and some different lettuces.
We have a wonderful outdoor market just down our street so we buy everything else we need there every weekend.
I also cook a lot with herbs so I have sage, thyme, basil (my favourite), chives, Italian parsley, lovage and coriander.

peppylady said...

Coffee is on and you been tagged

Nydia said...

Hi there! Just stopping by for my weekly kiss! :o) About gardening... Just talked about it in the end of my today's post!

I also love thunderstorms, sometimes I can hardly wait for them to come! Here stirms are great, like horror movies! LOL

Take care, sweetie!

Cynthia said...

herbs are like weeds, i swear, they grow anywhere -- thank god, or I'd feel like a total brown thumb all the time. :)

Crossing my fingers on the chamomile and basil.

intothedawn said...

SORROW~ Yeah, I understand tansy grows out of control, but I thought I'd give it a try. I may have to move my sweet woodruff to the front of the house, that's only morning sun and it would probably look nice there.

AUTUMN Z~ I need to find someone to make a trade like that with me!

SUKIGIRL~ Sounds like you have a short growing season-- hope everything does well! We need to find a farmer's market close by, I know they are around, just not sure where.

PEPPYLADY~ I'll be sure to stop by.

NYDIA~ **HUGS** Thunderstorms like horror movies sounds like FUN to me!

CYNTHIA~ Some of the most useful herbs *are* considered weeds. A few things I've grown has my FIL saying, "You know that's a weed, right?" He grew up on a farm, so if its not corn or soybeans, its a weed.