Friday, June 19, 2009

WTJ: Baby Steps

The Next Chapter has begun their latest book blogging adventure-- Wreck This Journal. I'm a bit behind the rest of the group with getting started, but I had to join in. I've been wanting to get Wreck This Journal for ages. I can already tell its going to be a challenge for me. I had a feeling it would be.

Proof that my journal started out in pristine condition:

Okay, so here's the deal. Books and journals are like gold to me. I don't break the spines, I don't dog-ear the pages. I carry my books around in a zippered book cover to protect them while I'm reading them. Seriously. I do. I love the smell of new books, I love the feel of fresh, crisp journal pages. If I make a messy page in my journal I have to figure out a way to "fix" it or else I carefully cut it out and start again... yeah... its safe to say I'm a bit OCD when it comes to books & journals. But I also realize this is just part of my perfectionist streak, which can be pretty paralyzing at times. I am my own worst critic. So the very first thing I did to my journal was...

... I broke the spine. OMG. That was almost physically painful for me to do. I cringed, I really did! And the spine was tough, so it was difficult to get it to break, so I really had to commit to get it done and I just *cringed* the entire time. And then after I broke it once, I did it one more time, just to be see if it was any easier the second time around. It WASN'T. I broke it again tonight, though, and that was a little easier, finally.

Coloring this page wasn't too bad. In fact, I sort of got into it, scribbling and changing colored pencils as fast as I could. I colored so fast and pressed down so hard the pages started to soften and tear and a little voice inside my head said, "yessssssssssss..." As you can see, on the previous page, I poked holes. After hesitating for the first few, a little maniacal laugh began to cackle in the back of my mind and I poked with reckless abandon. I may go back and poke some more.

Tonight, I pulled out the lighter. After several thwarted attempts to catch the page on fire, I almost gave up. Then-- WHOOSH! Too late to turn back. I think I singed my hair a little bit, too.

Not much for my first week; I'm still trying to get into the spirit of this wrecking business. I am so surprised (and yet, not) at how damn hard it is for me! Well, we'll see if I can loosen up a bit during my second week.

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Anonymous said...

You did good.Keep wrecking.

Jean said...

That is a great week one!! I'm in week three and not that far ahead.

I know what you mean about really committing to breaking the spine...kind of crafty, I must say, to make us really work for it.

I hope you are having fun! Your wrecking is coming along nicely!!

Genie Sea said...

Not much? You did lots! And you pushed your boundaries again and again! Way to GO! :)

Lawendula said...

It's the same with me, book-lover, book-adorer, I always use a pencils when making a mark or drawing a line in it.
So my first thing was to pour the tea (I don't drink any coffee), very hard thing to do. But I'm still alive. ;)
After that everything was easy and real fun.
Greetings from Germany.

Cynthia said...

OCD may be a understatement! lol! I'm happy to see you have joined, and that's a lot of amazing wrecking for a week!

Think of it as a coloring/activity book! Did you ever push those hard to get out paper dolls, draw in Highlights mag.? same principal :)

peppylady said...

I'm having trouble even really starting this book.

Coffee is on.

Hybrid J said...

Don't worry about catching up! You're doing fine. I think the most important thing is you're having fun in the process. So wreck on! :)

Jamie Ridler said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to the adventure! You're doing awesome. Cracking the spine is a brave way to start - as is setting the page on fire. You're doing great :)

Kirby3131 said...

You got a real nice start in the business of Journal Wrecking. :) Your burned page looks great from the backside! I'm glad you didn't give up on making fire.

Anonymous said...

You are off to a great start! Nice wrecking, stretched your boundaries. Happy wrecking!

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

From a zippered book cover straight to cracking the spine?! You are so over being nervous, now just stand back and watch what happens to your little book. :) Wreck on!!!!