Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wreck This Journal, pt. 2

Well, while most of The Next Chapter: WTJ crew is on the home stretch with their journals, this being the final week for the book club, I am still just getting warmed up. The good news is, I'm beginning to bond with my journal. I'm starting to keep it close, in case inspiration strikes.

Which is why my husband saw my journal on the kitchen table the other night.

"I have to confess I have a very strange urge." he says, picking up my journal and flipping through it, "I think I want to pound a nail through your journal."

"Go for it," I replied.

"No, no," says he, "It's your journal." I could think of no response, so I continued stirring our pan of soup on the stove while he browsed the pages of my journal.

"Hey... this page says, 'Ask a friend to do something destructive to this page. Don't look.'" he reads.

I put down my spoon and went over to him. I held his hand between mine and looked deep into his eyes. "My friend," I said, "would you do something destructive to my journal?" He burst out laughing. Then he took my journal out into the garage.

And used the power drill to put a hole through my journal.

"I feel kinda bad," he said as he handed WTJ back to me. "It doesn't close all the way anymore."

"Baby, that's the point." I replied.

As for my own destruction, I've gotten started on several pages, like this one. Needs more circles. I'm working on it.

I've also started on this page. Dinner, Saturday night.

And I've been chewing on this page for a while now. I can see why it says not to swallow. It's pretty dry. I've tried to get my cat to help chew on it as well. He often chews on the corners of papers and cardboard boxes. So far, he's refused to help me with this project, though.

The page below is my favorite so far. What better word to write over and over? CREATE!

What will you create-- or destroy-- this week?


mrsb said...

The circle page is quickly becoming my favorite page to see in other people's journal!

judi said...

so funny to drill a hole, i can borrow your husband cant I?

Kavindra said...

I agree with Mrs B, these circles are great, even unfinished as yet.

I also love the create page.

And you've got a lovely husband ... love his "strange urges" lol! He may end up needing his own journal tho :)

Anonymous said...

Those are some nice looking pages! It's great when husbands get involved. Something about this journal- people just can't help themselves. And as you said, that's the whole point. Happy wrecking!