Saturday, July 18, 2009


Our Zubbles arrived today! What are Zubbles?

They're COLORED bubbles! Right now, there are only two colors available-- Blazing Blue and Presto Pink. But even more colors will be available eventually. I can't wait for green!

My husband read about Zubbles years ago in Popular Science magazine, when they did an article about the trials and tribulations the inventor, Tim Kehoe, was going through trying to create bubbles with color.

Ever since then, my husband has been keeping tabs on the progress of the Zubbles. Finally, they became available to order-- so he had to get some to play with.

Bubbles bring out the kid in both of us, they are so much fun! We even had a bucket of bubbles for kids (and adults) to play with at our outdoor wedding reception, oh so many years ago.

Zubbles are even more fantastic! Not only do they have the beautiful iridescence that make bubbles so fascinating, but they have bright, brilliant color, too. We had so much fun out in the backyard with them! I love that we still play together.

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2 Good Claymates said...

How cool! Sure must make playing with bubbles a lot of fun!