Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy Sanding

I've got a collection of beads and pendants made and have been a busy little bee getting them all sanded.

The pendants in the middle and swirly lentil beads on the right have all been hand sanded. I sanded for an hour and a half or longer last night. So far, I've used 3 different grits of fine wet/dry sandpaper on them, one more grit to go. Next, I'll buff them with denim. Then they'll be varnished and baked again.

The beads on the right have been sanded once, and now need to go back in the tumbler for another 12 - 14 hours with the next finer grit of sandpaper. Little round beads are too difficult for me to hand sand, so the rock tumbler, lined with a sheet of sandpaper and then filled with little squares of sandpaper, does the work for me.

The lone swirly lentil bead in green, aqua & purple has thwarted me. I completely forgot to put a hole in it for stringing before I baked it. I love the colors and I really want to use it for a necklace. Any ideas?


Jaspenelle Stewart said...

Do you have a dremel that you could add a hole with? Before I had my dremel I used bell caps and a good glue (like two part epoxy) to hang stones, maybe something like that?

2 Good Claymates said...

You can still hand drill a hole -- be careful with the dremel though. Do you have one of those hand held manual drills? It is a lot of drilling by hand -- but if you do it slowly and carefully you can do it. Drill part way -- line up the hole on opposite side and drill from there. It should match up with the first hole you started.

You could also wire wrap it like a cabachon -- or add a clay bail on top and rebake -- another option!

intothedawn said...

THANKS, LADIES! I do have my rotary tool, which is dremel-ish. I'm a bit leery about drilling with no "starter" hole, but I could hand-drill to start. Hmm...

I've thought about the glue-on bails, too. Didn't think about making a clay bail & rebaking. Duh. So, lotsa options here, that's good!

Anonymous said...

I have no expertise whatever in beading, so I really cannot help. I just wanted to say I hope you can save that bead. It's gorgeous! Before I even read your post, I was staring greedily at it. Beautiful work! Good luck!