Friday, September 25, 2009

Feline Friday: Meet the Girls

As of last week, we have two new members in our family-- meet our new kittens, Sassafras & TwoDot:

These kittens are imported from Iowa! We met them at my dad's in June 2009, when we were back for my Gram's funeral. They were too young to come home with us at that time, so when my dad and stepmom came for a visit last week, they brought the kittens out with them.

This is TwoDot, sometimes called Dot or Dotty. She has the most interesting markings! She has stripes like a tabby, in both brown and orange. And she has two orange "dots," a big one and a little one, on her back, which is how she got her name.

This is Sassafras, usually called Sassy-- which she is. She has calico markings similar to our beloved Claire, who died last year, but instead of a little pink nose like Claire had, Sassy has a black velvety looking nose. I've never had a kitty with black nose before, I think its too cute!

They are sisters and absolutely inseparable. And so much energy! Its been a long time since we've witnessed kitten antics-- they sure are entertaining. And destructive. I hope the house survives!


Nydia said...

Oh, they're adorable!!!!!! What lucky kitties they are to be at your home!

Welcome girls! :o)

Kisses from us.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, they are sooooo cute! Almost like they're posing for the camera on purpose! The cutest new family members you have there ;)