Friday, September 4, 2009

Lunch & Tarot

Had lunch with friends today and spent the afternoon studying tarot together. We sat out on Darling's patio and enjoyed her glorious backyard garden while we ate and studied. This picture doesn't even begin to do it justice. Flowers, vegetables, a curving brick walkway all around the yard-- she even has a bee hive!

We all want to get certified as tarot readers, so we've been meeting to study and work on the requirements for the first level (CATR), which are:
  1. Be prepared to tell your examiner what each card means to you from memory.
  2. Be prepared to answer no less than five questions posed to you by your examiner.
  3. Be prepared to use one, two and three card spreads of your choice.
  4. Be prepared to explain how changing the sequence of cards in the spread changes the reading and the meaning of the cards.
  5. Be prepared to explain how exchanging some of the cards in your spread changes your answer to the posed question.
  6. Your examiner may ask you to replace certain cards in your spreads with other cards to test your knowledge of the cards.
  7. Your examiner may ask you to move certain cards from one position to another to test your knowledge of the spreads you use.
I don't think any of us have plans to be professional readers (I know I don't), we just want to work on improving our skills with the tarot. So we're using the certification requirements as study guidelines. Plus, we all just love working with the cards.

Next week, though, we're foregoing the cards for a girl's movie night.

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Nydia said...

What a awesome place! Happy that you had such a great time!

Love from us.