Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TAW: Check In Wk #2

Morning pages: 4/7 days

Artist date: wandered the craft store for almost 2 hours, looking for ideas and inspiration

Even more imaginary lives:
1. pet sitter
2. scuba diver
3. antique collector
4. behavioral profiler
5. French cuisine chef

I may not have done my Morning Pages everyday this past week, but when I did do them, they were very revealing. Really explored the whole 'crazymakers' idea in depth. Looking back at the crazymakers I've encountered over the years, I can see just how detrimental they were to my creativity and my life in general. Oh, the constant drama. What a waste of time and energy. I find I have so much more energy when there aren't any crazymakers around. It is my wish for all my fellow creative souls on this TAW journey that you are able to eliminate the crazymakers from your lives-- and if that just isn't possible, I hope that you can minimize your contact with them. No one needs that kind of energy drain.

I also took the whole search for identity to heart and explored that issue quite a bit. And I realized why I've been so blocked lately with my creativity-- because I haven't been true to myself. My pagan path led me to my inner creative Goddess and then I denied her. As pretty and addicting as they are, I just don't want to make any more lentil beads. I don't really even want to focus on jewelry. I want to make mosaic shrines and egg-shaped Goddesses and tarot boxes and herbal runes and... more creations that come from the heart, that are created with joy. That's what I started out doing, and then I lost my way. Now that I've identified the problem, I've broken through my creative block. I got out my clays yesterday and created an autumn Greenman. I know where I want to go with my work again and I'm going there.

What did you discover this week?


Dori said...

I am glad to hear it friend. You have my whole hearted support.

miss*R said...

oh I cannot wait to see your Greenman!!
i want to create shrines too.. maybe you could teach me, because I have no idea where to start..have you ever made salt dolls? that is fun.. hmm maybe we could have a blog to teach these skills to others..
and herbal runes?? yes please!!

threadsofmagique said...

Reading this post (a very good one, by the way) was like deja vu. I got caught in a creative block a couple of years ago so bad I couldn't make anything. Like you, it took rededicating to my path and fully welcoming the deities and spirits in to break through the block and rediscover the joy of creating. I would love to see a picture of your Greenman and your shrines sound intriguing! Keep creating and good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this inspiring post. An ah ha moment to me when I read this! Glad you found yourself again!

Meredith said...

My ears perked up when you listed what your heart is telling you to create. I can't wait to see what you do with these new insights, and I am so glad you're listening to your inner wisdom.

If a group starts up making shrines, I'd like to join. I bought something in my last artist date that I thought could serve as a backdrop for a shrine assemblage piece. But I really don't quite know where to start.

Congrats on moving deeper in Week Two!

Kavindra said...

I love reading this. What a powerful week you have had with this book. I too want you to post pictures of your Greenman and any resulting shrines that arise.


Judit said...

I found you breaking through your creative block very inspirational. And all those ideas to be created... please share with us. I am especially interested in your Tarot boxes.

sammoose said...

seems like you had a real breakthrough this week.