Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TAW: Weeks #3 & #4

I haven't given up on my Artist's Way journey, just been a bit behind.


Had family visiting for a week and we were so busy while they were here that I didn't get any morning pages done that week. But otherwise, I've been doing pretty good with MP, although I really have to pep talk myself into writing some mornings. I've found that I can't do anything else first or I don't write them; nor can I doing morning pages in the evening instead, it never happens. So, as soon as I'm up I get something to drink and sit down with my journal.

I'm learning a lot about myself with Morning Pages. They do work. Even though I often dread or hate doing them, I see that they work. I see that they help me sort things out, point me in the right direction, unearth truths.


Well, I know that ADs are supposed to be done alone, but I consider the day we took my family to the Butterfly Pavilion as an Artist Date. We were there for a couple of hours, and to be honest, I wandered off with my camera and was alone with the butterflies more than I was with my family.

Then last Friday for my AD, I went and explored Olde Town Arvada, something I've been wanting to do for a while now. It was a beautiful, sunny breezy day. I parked my car outside the Army Surplus store and started my wandering there. Looked at some great cast iron cookware there, then walked down the block and around the corner and found Penzey's Spice shop. WOW! Not sure how long I spent there sniffing herbs and spices. Left with some Tandoori spice for myself and a catalog for my dad who loves to cook and would have adored the spice shop.

Wandered back around the corner and into a little tarot shop, looked at the crystals, pendulums and tarot decks, sniffed the incense. Then on to the tea shop. Oh! the tea shop! Drooled over the beautiful china tea pots and tea sets, smelled the teas, stroked the quilted teapot cozies. How I loved the tea shop!

Finally when I was able to extricate myself from there, I crossed the street to an upscale consignment shop. I love thrift stores and this one was fun, had some unusual items. And I found the perfect tarot box for next to nothing! I think I'm going to strip off the light stain, it doesn't look right with the colors of the abolone shell on the lid, and I'm going to stain it with one of my colored wood stains-- green or black.


Okay, this is where I need to step up my game. I've done some of the tasks but I know I need to focus on them more. I'm terrible about remembering to do them. And of course I rebelled like hell against the no reading task. Even after I identified in chapter 3 tasks that my worst bad habit is being on the computer too much. And don't take away my books! I love my books. During the week family was here visiting, I didn't read hardly anything. Barely checked my e-mail, no time for reading for pleasure. So then I get to chapter 4 and I'm told NOT TO READ for a WEEK and it was like-- HELL, no. Every time I opened a book or my laptop I would think, "I am in direct violation of my Artist's Way weekly assignment." Then I'd continue. Oh, so very naughty and stubborn. So I guess I need to try again and a little bit harder this week.


Teresa Lynne said...

Love the pics of the butterflies!

peppylady (Dora) said...

You seem to be more center when it comes to crafts then I am.

Coffee is on.

Serena said...

What a gorgeous tarot card box! A black stain would be lovely!

I would definitely count the Butterfly Pavillion as an artist date. What a lovely time of exploration you had!

Kate said...

Butterfly's are gorgeous. You really did a great job finding that Tarot box. Its gorgeous. I sometimes do my Artist dates that way. Even though I came with another person I go off and have my own experience. thanks for sharing yours.

Meredith said...

What wonderful artist dates! You have a great eye for capturing those butterflies, and I'm sure the date delighted your artist child. What little girl wouldn't love to be set free to wander in a butterfly paradise...

I agree about the light stain on the tarot box. Your restain project sounds just right. I can see a dark green or a black on the wood.

As far as rebellion, I've had plenty of it come up on this time through the Artist's Way. But even realizing we are rebelling seems to be progress to me!