Friday, October 9, 2009

Feline Friday: Togetherness

Well... sort of...

Moose, Sassy and TwoDot are getting more comfortable with each other. They started out with posturing and hissing, moved on to sniffing each other's behinds, now they tentatively touch noses.

Napping on the couch together... sort of...

TwoDot really likes Moose and wants to be friends, she will try to rub against him when walking by or try leaning on him when napping. Moose always looks startled, he has no idea how to react and isn't used to having his space invaded. But we have seen him (very briefly) groom TwoDot a couple of times. Moose and Sassy still aren't quite sure what they think of each other, but they do touch noses and Sassy has tried rubbing her head against his a few times (Moose pulls away looking suspicious).

As we'd hoped, Moose is beginning to play with them. Mostly he watches the kittens' wild rampaging with a look of amazement, but from time to time he joins in the game of chase and tumble, especially with TwoDot.

Sassy & Moose, comtemplating a twist of paper together.

The other night, the three of them had us rolling with laughter. We have those cat toy wands-- a strip of fabric with a cluster of feathers on one end and an plastic stick on the other so that you can flick the feathers around for the kitties to chase-- and it had been lying neglected on the couch. TwoDot discovered it, seized the feathered end and strutted off with her prize, pulling the wand end behind her. Sassy saw the wand trailing behind TwoDot and ran after it, swatting. Moose saw Sassy following TwoDot and the wand and he became curious, so he started following Sassy. TwoDot didn't want any other kitty to take her mouthful of feathers from her, so she just kept walking around and around the house dragging the rest of the toy behind her... with Sassy and Moose following. It was HILARIOUS-- we had a little kitty train going from room to room, winding around the furniture!

We're having so much fun watching their relationship develop; more adventures to come, I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

Your kitties are SO cute and adorable! I just want to hug them all.


Nydia said...

Oh, how cute they are together!!!! I do miss having kitties at home, alas... But now with a golden fish, I don't know... :o)

Kisses fro us,

Loved your post about the ancestral altar, Turtle, very sweet.

Kisses from us.