Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Sad Goodbye

This week the sad news filtered through our pagan community that Lake Wellington, a long time location for three different yearly pagan retreats-- as well as a very popular primitive mountain campground, is closing.

The original news was that it had become too popular and was being closed just for the winter to give the lake and surrounding land a resting period, however... a notice went out a few days ago that everything from the campground and camp store is being sold this weekend-- the rental boats, camp gear, campers, trailers, and personal items from the caretakers who lived at the lake and have been told they must move-- so it seems that the lake will no longer be available to the public as a campground anymore. Rumor has it that it will become developed for housing.

I am torn. Part of me would like to go to the sale for the express purpose of seeing the lake one more time and saying a personal goodbye. And yet, I think it would be too sad to see everything being sold off. Nor do I know that I'd even be allowed to get any closer to the lake than the view from the camp store.

I feel regret now that I did not attend any of the pagan retreats held there this past summer. It was my choice, and at the time it was what I felt was best for me. But I never imagined that I would be giving up my last chance to see the lake.

Although I'm fully aware that its communing with my pagan friends that makes the retreats so meaningful, nevertheless, I will miss this beautiful, magical lake that has been such a big part of my summers over the years.


Kara aka Mother Henna said...

so sorry to hear about the loss of the camp -- especially if it gets lost to development. sad. sending you supportive vibes... and Reiki to the land there -- maybe someone will see posts about this and think, Hmm that should be a national park and it will get saved! ?? anything's possible...right? Reiki to you, too... k-

Arlene said...

Oh!!! How sad! I can imagine how you must feel losing a beautiful place in nature to possible development. Hey - Mother Henna is right - you never know what will happen. Sending love to you too!

intothedawn said...

KARA~ Thanks for the supportive energy... I hope something might happen so that many can continue to enjoy the beauty there, instead of just a few elite.

ARLENE~ The news has been such an unhappy to surprise to so many. If the closing is for the good of the land, that's one thing, but housing development is quite another.

D.Suplicki said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of such a beautiful place. I sincerely hope the housing rumors are just that.

It tears me apart to see beautiful natural places destroyed and replaced with condos, but it happens frequently where I live. *hugs*

sukigirl said...

I can understand why you loved it so much.
It looks absolutely stunning in your pictures and it's an incredible shame if it is taken away from the people.
Let's hope kinder hearts prevail!
hugs ann

threadsofmagique said...

How sad! It looks like such a peaceful, welcoming place. I hope something works out so that everyone can continue to enjoy it.
Sending hugs and sympathy...

intothedawn said...

DANIELLE~ Unfortunately it happens here where I live all the time, too. But this place was sooooo remote, I never thought it would happen there. And who knows-- maybe that's not what's going on.

SUKIGIRL~ It really is a magical place, the pictures don't even begin to show how lovely it is there.

THREADS OF MAGIQUE~ I think that is what I will miss the most-- going to the lake and feeling the peace that emanates from it.

Anonymous said...

What? Because housing is so much easier on the landscape than a bunch of campers. Grrrr.

Jaspenelle Stewart said...

I'm sorry you lost one of your magical places *hugs*. Your lake looks a lot like our Skookum Lake where we organize a campout each year. I can't imagine it being sold off to the highest builder and the area being clearcut for condos. I would be so angry, it seems somehow sacrilegious to destroy such a place... The thought gives me chills.