Sunday, November 22, 2009

Frog & Begin Again?

After finishing the tea cozy for my friend, I am sort of itching to do some more crocheting. I always get that feeling when the weather turns colder, too. So I'm thinking about frogging my Day to Night poncho which I started last year, frogged, restarted and *still* can't get to look right, and have finally abandoned. I've seen quite a few people on Ravelry who have made this poncho & theirs looks awesome, but I am just not happy with how mine looks.

I love the yarn-- especially the color scheme, and I really want to make something out of it, so now I'm thinking about crocheting the Kimono Jacket from my Homespun 7 Crochet Patterns for the Family booklet. It looks easy enough and I can *always* use another warm wrap for wearing at work-- I'm always so cold there!

So many projects in mind.... so little time...

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sukigirl said...

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and frog it. If you're not happy with it now then you won't be happy when you are wearing it.
Good luck on the jacket.