Friday, December 4, 2009

Feline Friday: Fountain Fun

Yes, we spoil our cats. We recently got them a fountain water bowl. (What!?! It promotes increased water consumption for a healthy urinary tract-- its a good thing!)

Sass & Dot were absolutely fascinated by the watery action, but didn't quite know how to handle the whole fountain bowl concept at first.

Sassy, however, quickly became an expert at drinking right from the top of the fountain flow.

Dot can't quite figure out how to do that yet. Which results in her getting wet. A lot.

"What are YOU looking at? You think you can do better? Ha! Sure. Whatever."


hidingplainsight said...

hahahaha. Those are great photos. Cats and water are always a hoot.

I'd get Miss Mitty one if I didn't think she'd just hide under the bed and try to make it go away.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I never seen a watering dish like that.
Our cat Ziggy loves to drink straight from the Faust.

Coffee is on.

Dori said...

It always amazes me that kitties can get so many expressions on their little faces. I love how they try to figure things out. This is totally cool. Thanks for sharing.

AutumnZ said...

I got a good belly laugh out of this :-)

Nydia said...

LOL This is so cute! I love Dot's face, only cats can make that! They love running waters, don't they?

Kisses and love from us.

PS: I'm hosting a Yule giveaway at my blog, in cse you want to join the fun!

sjg:o)) said...

I've got one and my 3 purrbearing critters just love it. My oldest male was a bowl drinker until the day he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Bowls were what he learned to drink from and drank from them most of his life. Even after I got the Pet Fountain, he still drank from the bowl. #2 male taught himself to drink from the sink when I let the water dribble while I was brushing my teeth. #2 female thought that was too cool. I had the privilege of watching her teach herself how to emulate him. Fascinating watching how she approached the problem and worked it out for herself. So when I got the Pet Fountain, they took right to it. My youngest male caught right on by watching the other two. I wouldn't trade for mine. It uses an aquarium pump which is very quiet -- unless the water gets too low. Then it makes slurpy noises because the pump is sucking air. Mine have learned that when mommie fills the bowl back up, the noise stops, so they will come tell me --! The sound of the falling water is very discrete and very soothing.