Sunday, January 10, 2010

Simple Abundance Sunday

Its been a week and a half since my Simple Abundance journey started. Thus far, for me, the messages I'm picking up from the daily readings are carpe diem and gratitude. Am I living each day? Living in the here and now? What makes me happy?

I've been well aware for a long time that I have difficulty living in the here and now. Living with regrets of past situations, living with anxiety and "what if's" of possible future events. But I also know that since I found a creative outlet with polymer clay, I've been living much more in the here and now. More, I think, than I ever have before in my life. What makes me happy? Being creative. What helps me to live each day? Being creative. What keeps me focused and centered? Being creative.

I feel like I've found one of the answers to life's great questions. And I am eternally grateful. I thought I might have more to share after the first 10 days, but I find that this is where I'm at right now. Simple. Sweet. Succinct.

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AMH said...

I feel much the same and I am so glad you brought this book to my attention. Glad we are going through it together!

Sorrow said...

This was wonderful to read...

Anonymous said...

I found the book...and read through some of the 'companion' book. I've got my journal at the ready...and am getting a booklet together for my photo/collage items as well. I can join in if you like!
smiles, alicia in Hawaii