Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Imbolc Cleansing

Blessed Imbolc to all who celebrate!

The longer I am on this spiritual path, the more I come to appreciate Imbolc. I like to think of it as the "quickening" of the earth, the very earliest beginning of a new growing and gardening year. Today I thought I saw a hint of springtime yellowy-green on the outermost branches of the tree in our front yard. Maybe wishful thinking, but maybe not!

This year I'm really connecting with the whole purification/cleansing theme of Imbolc, most strongly in terms of "spring cleaning." I want to spend this tide really tidying the house, especially my craft room. My creative space needs a complete organizing makeover. I want to re-organize my bookshelf to include all my polymer clay and jewelry making books and magazines, restructure my "craft closet" so that everything is more handy and available. I'd love to rearrange the furniture in that room, too, but I'm just not seeing how that can be done with all the furniture that's in there. Furniture arrangement has never been my strong point.

It's my hope and belief that cleaning and organizing my creative space will make room for more creative energy and ideas for this year. As I will, so shall it be!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great! I always wait until it's a little warmer to do my cleaning because I like to open the windows. :) Plus it's a good procrastinating mechanism too I guess. Happy Imbolg to you. )

AutumnZ said...

I love Imbolc. I think of it as "in the belly".

Rondell said...

You don't need no Imbolc cleaning! You just need to take a damn bath and wash off all that patchouli! Ugh!