Sunday, January 31, 2010

Simple Abundance: Journaling Thoughts

Now we really getting into it! This past week, many more of the Simple Abundance tools were introduced: the Daily Dialogue, the Illustrated Discovery Journal, the Personal Treasure Map, the Golden Mirror Meditation. There is so much self-discovery to be done!

Of course, being me, I haven't started on ANY of these projects yet. BUT-- I'm ready. I have an art journal and a stash of magazines I've been saving for "someday when I work through that Simple Abundance book". I always have notebooks for written journals, whether I happen to be journaling or not. I like that the author says NOT to buy a beautiful, fancy journal because you'll want to make what you write perfect and profound-- she knows me very well! My journal will be a simple school composition book.

I haven't kept a written journal for the past couple of years now. I'm not sure why. I tend to wax and wane when it comes to journaling, and well, obviously I've had a dry patch. But I keep meaning to journal. So now the assignment is before me.

I have to say, I am NOT a morning journaler. Why? Because I am adamantly NOT a morning person. I can get up and get ready and function, but if I have a choice of an extra half hour to sleep or doing morning journal pages? Sleep is gonna win EVERY time.

I understand that morning pages help clear the mind and get one ready for the day. But I really like to journal at bedtime. I like to curl up in bed with my pen and paper before me and muse about my day, sort through the events. I am not a talkative person in the morning and I find that I don't have much to say in a journal that time of day, either. But at night I can write and write.

I've been thinking about the Illustrated Journal and Treasure map quite a bit, too. Last time I tried working through SA, I had a very difficult time with these to assignments and I've been wondering why that was. I think I have figured it out. I think I felt guilty! Guilty about dreaming and wishing and creating an abundant life for myself, even it it was only on paper.

Not this time around. Why not dream? Why not imagine and play? There's no harm in that and who knows what will come of it. I'm excited to see what my dreams really are. I think that I know-- but maybe I'll surprise myself. No guilt this time around.

Perhaps the last time I tried SA, I just wasn't ready for the journey and that's why I didn't get very far? Seems I am much more ready, this time around.

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~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Dreaming is always a good thing...many wonderful things have come about because of a dreamer...I hope that you dream until you are a 102 (and beyond)!

Sorrow said...

Oh man, I could completely relate to this!
I had someone talk me into a journaling thing. One entry, and Thats all that is in the pretty book I bought.
Good luck!