Monday, March 22, 2010

New Necklaces in Shops

Listed some new necklaces over the weekend and one of them already sold! That's what I like to see; gets me excited about creating even MORE items.

Leopard Spot in a Square necklace-- part of my "Big & Chunky, Bold & Funky" collection.

Green Metallic Triquetra Celtic Knotwork necklace. The Triquetra is a widely recognized Celtic knot used to represent the triplicity of deities in both Pagan and Christian faiths. It can also represent the three-fold aspects of nature, such as land, sky and sea or of our selves, such as mind, body, spirit.

I also listed a few new rune necklaces-- this one is Ansuz, meaning "ancestral god" and relates to letter A and the deity Odin. Ansuz is a rune of true visions, insight, communication, truth, wisdom and the power of eloquent speech.

The rune Othala, meaning "ancestral property" and is associated with the letter O. It represents inherited possessions, spiritual heritage, one's fundamental values. A good rune for home, sense of safety and spiritual journeys.

and Eihwaz, meaning "Yew tree" and associated with motivation, driving force and a sense of purpose. I donated this necklace to the Pagans of Etsy Street Team store, be sure to check out all the wonderful items there from pagan artisans on Etsy.

Last of all, the one that sold... a Dark Moon Face pendant necklace.

Click on the colored/italicized text for any item to see more!

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Nydia said...

Oh, I love your art, you know!! Congrats on your sales, Turtle, it's great!

Kisses from us.