Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simple Abundance Standstill

I haven't blogged about my Simple Abundance journey in ages, because, well... it just isn't going anywhere.

Things kind of ground to a halt for me when I started to feel like I was getting mixed messages from the daily readings. The theme of the book is-- You Have Enough, Enjoy What You Have... but then its coupled with suggestions like, "Go buy yourself a bouquet of flowers today... Revamp your wardrobe... Indulge in a new shade of lipstick/nail polish..." And also messages like, You Can Do Anything, Believe in Yourself, Be Empowered... and then... "You can't just walk away from a job that makes you miserable, learn to be happy with what you have."

Wait... What!?!

So I started to feel very... disillusioned? disgruntled? cynical? cranky? about the whole process. I also felt like I'm already doing or have done many of the tasks suggested. For instance, the past couple of days talks about going through your wardrobe, maybe at the change of seasons, and getting rid of styles that no longer suit you or items that don't fit.

Been there, done that. Do it every season. I suppose I do keep some things that hardly ever get worn-- like dresses. But when the situation arises-- I need to have some nice dresses to wear. I just don't wear them very often. I keep my Galt Sand sweatshirts that don't fit anymore out of nostalgia-- but my husband wears them.

The one thing I could do is go through my jewelry. I wear the same chain most of the time and switch pendants as my suits my mood. But I have earrings in abundance, many of which were gifted to me, and I tend to wear only a select number. So those I could pare down. Okay. There's one Simple Abundance task I can do.

But really, I'm not sure where I'm going with this journey, although I don't want to give up on it. I guess I will just keep plodding along and see what's in store for me. Perhaps there will be a shift as I continue to move through the book's exercises.

So that's the plan for now.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I got that same 'mixed' story...I had a hard time blogging...but I'm back at it...and doing a stitching project with it. I'm not sure about all the 'get yourself this and that' yet be happy with what you have. It sure seemed like mixed messages. Maybe the 'idea' was to just 'gift yourself' I 'gift' to you...a "whoo hoo" for writing about being disgruntled and a "whoo hoo" for hoping to stick with it. I'll hang in there if you will.
alicia in Hawaii

Mano said...


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