Monday, May 31, 2010

Round Robin II

Once again, the Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild has sent out a Round Robin box! The rules are the same as before: take out 5 items, put in 5 new items to replace them. So much fun! And so many great items in the box, it was hard to choose.

Here is what I picked from the Round Robin this time around:

A fantastic butterfly & turquoise necklace that will go perfectly with a turquoise shirt I like to wear; a lovely poly clay ATC that says, "BREATHE" (something I tend to forget to do when I'm stressed) and will go on my Inspiration Board; 2 absolutely gorgeous raw pieces of layered mokume gane clay; 2 little glass bottles to cover with clay (I'm thinking the mokume gane will come in handy here); and a beautiful little pedestal bowl that I've already found a use for-- it sits on my desk and holds my rings while I clay.

So now its my turn to put my 5 replacement items into the box and send it on its way. I had some fun playing with a few new ideas that I hope will be a hit with those who get to choose after me!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Smoosher Spotlight: ColtPixy

Smoosher Spotlight is an opportunity to meet one of my fellow fabulous ArtFire Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild members each week. This week, I'm pleased to introduce ColtPixy, Guild Master for the PCSG.

ColtPixy has been an inspiration to me since we first met. At that time, she was perfecting her mica shift technique, which lead to her adorable and popular Lucky Bunny Booty keychains.

ColtPixy is always interested in experimenting with new techniques. While exploring faux stone methods, she created her own unique and fascinating faux look-- appropriately dubbed Pixy Stones.

With her attention to detail and her love of creating one-of-a-kind items, its no wonder that ColtPixy's current focus is on making miniatures. Her mini work is absolutely amazing; I believe she has really found her niche!

These are but a few of the wonderful items ColtPixy has created. To see more, visit her ArtFire shop. Want to see her work in progress? Visit ColtPixy's blog to see what she's currently working on creating.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

PCSG Bugs Challenge

My talented Polymer Clay Smooshers Guild has been at it again!

This month's challenge theme was Bugs-- and they created 21 unique entries to fit the theme. Who knew bugs could be so beautiful? Check them out by clicking the banner below.

And while you're visiting the Bugs, be sure to vote on what you think our next challenge theme should be-- the poll for that is located at the top of the left-hand sidebar on the blog. Only 24 hours left to vote!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Feline Friday: Cones of Shame

Dot & Sassy got spayed last week and they wanted to lick their incisions so they each received a shiny new E-collar-- a.k.a. The Cone of Shame.

The girls say, "Its not easy bein' a conehead."

Don't worry babies, only one more week and we can take them off.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Crocheted Bags

Haven't shared a WIP on Wednesday for a while now-- here are a couple of little projects I have in the works.

I've crocheted these two bags with the idea in mind to decorate them with polymer clay pieces. I haven't crocheted anything in ages and it was nice to pick up my hook again. Both bags are done in a stitch called long sc bricks. It is a simple stitch, and I love the texture creates.

The larger bag is intended to be a gift for a friend-- a tarot bag-- and she likes birds, so I have been playing with the idea of creating some sort of little bird sculpture for it, perhaps a peacock?-- to match the colors of the bag. I was also thinking that I could put the bird on a pin back, so that it could hold the bag closed-- or she could take the pin off the bag and wear it sometimes if she wanted.

The smaller bag still needs to have a cord added so that it can be worn around the neck. I'm intending for it to become some sort of animal totem amulet bag, similar to one I made for myself a couple of years ago. An owl is what I have in mind, but I'll have to see where my creativity leads me.

My time and energy for creativity are rare right now, so who knows when I'll be able to finish these projects, but the ideas are simmering and I'll be sure to post the end results once they are completed.