Friday, June 18, 2010

Feline Friday: Our Little Anomaly

Last month I shared that the girls had been spayed, but I didn't mention what was discovered about Sassy during the procedure-- our girl has some internal anomalies!

The vet doing the procedure noticed right away that Sassy's uterus was deformed. Nothing to worry about, since she was being fixed anyway. But then the vet could only find one fallopian tube and ovary. She called in her boss to assist, our long-time vet & friend Dr. Brett, and they finally found it... it was just like a little string with a knob on the end, barely developed.

So then they were concerned about all of Sassy's inner workings and did a little exploratory surgery to make sure she had everything thing she needed. Turns out, she's missing something else-- she only has one kidney. But it is a fully developed and fully functioning kidney, which is good.

So we have another special needs calico kitty, like our Claire-bear was. The vet said not to worry, many cats (and humans) live long and full lives with only one kidney. All we can do is make sure her kidney stays healthy. So with that in mind, we are switching her (well, all the kitties, actually) to a special Rx cat food designed for kidney health and making extra sure there is always plenty of fresh water around to drink. I'm so glad we indulged in the kitty fountain now! She loves drinking from it. And beyond that, we just have to keep an eye on her.

Dr. Brett was dismayed at first to discover we had yet another kitty with special needs. But then he said, "Well, if anyone can take care of a cat with kidney problems, you can. I know from past experience with Claire that Sassy is going to get the best possible care from you." And it's true. We'll do whatever we need to take good care of our girl.


Nydia said...

How funny... I was born with two wombs. One tiny, and the other, a bit larger, where Lucas lived in during eight months.
And I was born with only one kidney as well. A big, healthy one. Sassy and I have something in common... :)

Kisses and love, have a blessed Litha.

Willow Moon said...

I hope your vet isn't giving you science diet. It's crap food, no matter that the vet sells it.
It contains animal by-product meal which is the stuff not fit for human consumption. Things like intestines, blood and rotting meat. Google it if you want to know more.
If you need to use SD only get the canned wet food. And watch the labels!

I hope your cat lives a long happy life!
Blessed Be