Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tarot for 2010~ 6th moon

The 6th new moon is here and its time to explore this month's tarot card from my New Year's spread--


This card is all about forward motion, the lava is flowing and nothing is stopping it-- in fact, the flow looks like it is being celebrated. Eights often relate to the completion of a phase and fast movement towards the next stage. There is also balance and lots of creativity in this card.

The runes seen on this card are Raidho and Ehwaz-- both relate to movement. Raidho represents the letter R and is the wagon or chariot. This is a rune about travel, journeying and evolution. Ehwaz is the letter E, the horse or horses. More movement! Steady progress and change (usually for the better) is indicated.

Looks like my creative journey is really going to take off this moon cycle, which fits. My FT works hours will end soon and I am looking forward to devoting my days to creative work. This card completely supports this upcoming change in my life.

(BTW-- I completely forgot to blog about card for the last moon cycle-- in case anyone was curious, it was the King of Swords, which completely fit with the authoritative, analytical decisions I had to make at my job during the 5th moon cycle.)

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peppylady (Dora) said...

Gee I haven't done the cards or anything like that for along time actual I don't do them that often.

Coffee is on.