Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Clay Logo, con't

More playing and experimenting in my journey to create a clay logo for Into the Dawn Designs. This time, I explored color mixing to try and figure out what clay colors will look best with my beaded head pins created last week.

I went through some clay color recipes I had and chose several purples from Cindy Leitz, Polymer Clay Tutor (she shares great color recipes that I collect from her weekly free newsletter) to mix up. Those colors above were all pre-bake shades (Premo tends to change color or darken a bit after curing), but pansy was already looking too bright. I think viola and horizon will work though.

I also want a copper color to use. Straight Premo copper is too orange for my taste; I mixed 1/2 copper with 1/2 burnt umber to see if I liked that better. I also used copper Pearl Ex on plain burnt umber clay to see how that looked. I think the winner is copper mica powders over burnt umber, but the half-and-half is nice too.

Of course, my color choices could change once I start working, but for now at least I have a starting point. Onward!

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PolymerClayTutor said...

What a beautiful color palette you have put together for your logo. I think they will match perfectly! Thank you so much for the nice words about my blog and color recipes. I really appreciate that! ~Cindy Lietz