Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Finished Clay Sun Logo

I finished my clay sun logo last week! Well... maybe...

Above are the sketches I did of my original ideas for the sun design. Then I decided to add beads to the design somehow and I played with color mixing.

Even when I finally started to create the actual design in clay, I was still playing with ideas and changing my mind. Above is just one of the permutations my sun design went through...

... And here is how it finally ended up!

I really like the final design... and yet... there are a couple of changes I wouldn't mind making. For one, I'd like to lighten the main color (copper) of the sun-- right now, I don't feel like the beads "pop" the way I want them too because they blend in too well. Also, I'm not satisfied with the purple mica powder I used; it turned things too blue, IMO. Maybe I could use gold mica over the purple and add more "sunny" tones.

But I can't make up my mind. Because then I look at it again and say-- I love it! So perhaps I won't change a thing. Right now, I am going to try it on for size, using it as my new avatar.

Maybe I'll play with the design some more later; maybe I won't!


Jasmine Wilmany said...

So pretty!

sukigirl said...

I think it's beautiful...the colours struck me first then I started looking closely at the's very lovely.
You should be very proud of it!