Monday, August 9, 2010

In Memory of Garnet Girl

When I first met Abbey, it was online, and she was Garnet Girl and I was Turtleheart and we connected through a pagan networking site. She was in the process of moving from northern Colorado to the south Denver area and once she got settled, we met in person, and totally bonded over the fact that we shared the same anniversary date-- June 14th-- "Flag Day!" We would both laugh.

In February of 2005, Abbey introduced me to blogging and I was hooked! Abbey invited me to my first and only self-defense class-- something that still empowers me to this day. We discussed books and tarot cards and read and commented on each others' blogs all the time. We lost touch for a while, something that was completely my fault, and then we reconnected. And then in November 2007 she was diagnosed with cancer.

She went from blogging as Garnet Girl to blogging as Mrs. Honey on a new blog. And she and her husband, Mr. Honey, chronicled her battle with cancer with voices that were full of courage and optimism. And I cheered her on, mostly via comments on her blog and FB page, and sometimes by phone calls, although she wasn't much of a phone person. We agreed that we would have to visit Spirit Ways, a metaphysical shop in her area, together, when she had a high-energy day.

So optimistic were Mrs. & Mr. Honey, I didn't realize just how bad she was doing these past couple of weeks. In fact, I was under the impression that it was just another irritating set back in her treatment and that her condition was improving. It never, ever, EVER occurred to me that Abbey could, or would, die of cancer. But yesterday morning, she did.

Abbey, if it hadn't been for you, I would never have met all the wonderful creative and pagan people that I have met through blogging over the years. You taught me about facing life with optimism, you taught me about setting boundaries. You taught me about friendship-- both online and offline. You taught me its okay to be silly. You taught me its okay to say No. Maybe you were younger than me by almost a decade, but often, you were much wiser. You are-- still, and always will be-- an inspiration to me.

Be at peace, Garnet Girl. Blessed be.

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Draven said...

That was a beautiful post... I never met her but read her blog and also made her a prayer strand when she was in TX. I prayed she would beat this, I cried yesterday when I read petes post... I cant believe she is gone, its so sad... But I like to think of her with no pain and at peace. HUGS