Saturday, August 14, 2010

Playing With Fire

This week my pagan spirituality group played with the element of fire.

Normally when I think of fire elemental, I think of the obvious-- candle flames, campfires, bonfires. Or the sun. So when I was told that the focus of this gathering was to play with fire, I figured we would be doing something with candles. But I was wrong!

Instead, we picked a pattern out of a multitude of choices and then used carbon paper to transfer the pattern onto a wooden disk. And then, we played with woodburning tools on scrap wood until we felt confident enough to start burning our patterns onto our disks. Then-- we did some serious pyrography!

Wow! Pyrography turned out to be a very powerful exercise for working with fire. I have to admit, I was a bit surprised. But the heat radiating from the woodburning tool, the smell of burning wood as I worked, really brought fire element to mind.

The pattern I chose was an intricate Celtic lion design. Since the focus was fire, I wanted to choose something that represented that element to me. Lions do-- I like to think of them with fiery golden manes, lounging in the hot, African sun. When I found a Celtic lion, that was just perfect!

So, above is as far as I got with my woodburning that night. I'm excited with how it looks so far. I have my own heat tool, so I can finish it here at home. Looking forward to playing with it more, can't wait to see how it turns out.


eaglehawk said...

very nice. i love the wood burning smell

EmilyClaireCreations said...

That is awesome!!

Dori said...

Your lion looks awesome. your group thinks outside the normal. i like that. try to find different ways to see and experience things. cool.

Nydia said...

Beautiful lion! You're right, we tend to think of the most traditional images when thinking of elements, or anyhitng else, actually... I would never think of woodburning, but it makes all the sense. Can't wait to see the finished work with this fire rpresentation!

Kisses from us.