Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Simple Fix for Earrings

I like dangly earrings and I don't mind wearing French hooks, but when I'd wear my favorite earrings I'd always get a little nervous that I might lose one. Sometimes I'd wear the little "caps" on the hook so that they couldn't come out of my piercing, but I was always losing the caps and never had enough so I'd have to switch them from pair to pair. Kind of a pain.

Imagine my surprise when I learned how to make jewelry and found out how easy it was to change my earrings from French hooks to lever backs! Over time, I switched all of my favorite earrings to leverbacks and now I never worry about losing them.

I even switched a pair of earrings for my step-mom when she was here visiting last fall. She was worried about the hooks coming out and losing her new earrings she'd gotten at the Butterfly Pavilion that day so I told her I could fix it for her. She protested it would be too hard, take too much time-- and by the time she finished protesting, I already had them changed out for her!

Such a quick and simple fix. Love it.

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