Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tarot for 2010~ 9th Moon

Fall is in the air and the 9th moon has arrived. Here is the card I drew for this moon cycle back when I did my New Year's spread--

The Emperor (4)~

Opportunity for lofty ambitions and great authority this moon cycle! The Emperor is the ultimate patriarch, the ultimate father figure.

He represents power and a solid foundation-- a solid foundation is also represented by the cubes and cones. Cubes also represent looking at a situation from all sides, and cones remind me of "raising a cone of energy" and as well as the witch's hat, a symbol of wisdom. He also has his symbol of will power and action-- his wand; and he has his dagger, representing clear thought, drawing boundaries, cutting to the heart of the matter.

There are four runes on this card-- the most I've seen on any card in this deck so far. They are Uruz and Sowilo on the left, Tiwaz and Dagaz on the right. In their simplest definitions Uruz is potential, strength and wisdom; Sowilo is success and victory; Tiwaz is authority and leadership, and Dagaz is security and certainty-- all the characteristics the Emperor embodies.

Most likely this moon cycle will present me with opportunities that will require me to act like the Emperor and draw on those strengths within myself.


Brans~Muffin said...

This is an awesome Card! Good luck to you!

K(Banterings of a Basketcase) said...

ok- this is reallllly strange. I had some vivid dreams last night, awoke this morning to a horoscope that said "pay attention to your dream last night", and now come here. That box you made with clay and cards? I dreamt my daughter made it and we had to get it before we left the spaceship. I also dreamt about my father- he and I don't have a relationship, but if looked at in terms of your tarot card today.....Hmmmm

really nice artwork, btw