Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tarot Mosaic Box

This month's PCSG challenge theme is "Medieval" and it was quite the challenge for me, coming up with an idea for something to create.

What are the Middle Ages known for? Kings and Queens and heroic knights, dragons and castles... I googled for more ideas and found that stained glass was popular in architecture during that time... and then I discovered that tarot cards became popular during the last 50 years or so of the Middle Ages-- BINGO!

I got out my clays and mica powders and started making mosaic tiles to go with some of the tarot transfer tiles I'd made a while back.

Because it took me forever to come with an idea for the challenge theme, I was running out of time and afraid I wouldn't get my idea finished before the deadline. So of course I had trouble figuring out how to fit together all the mosaic pieces. Then last night around 11 pm, everything began to fall into place...

Voila-- the Empress & Magician Tarot Mosaic box, completed just in time for today's challenge theme due date and available at IntotheDawn ArtFire.


coltpixy said...

It is beautiful!
Wow I thought I was the Queen of procrastination. You now hold that title.

Brans~Muffin said...

That is really awesome!