Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Everything for FRPP

Lots of work in progress this week as I get ready for vending at Front Range Pagan Pride day this upcoming Saturday, September 18th.

First off-- scarab beetles for necklaces and earrings!

And MORE scarab beetles in progress!

I've always wanted to try making pendulums. These will get a lentil shaped bead for the other end of the chain, to hold while using the pendulum. The bead on the left has African violet and gold leaf in it and has been polished, the one on the right has lavender buds and gold leaf and still needs to be buffed.

And lastly, egg rattles in progress. I thought these would be fun little items for those who like to go to drum &/or chant circles.

Still a lot to get done before Saturday, so I'd best get to it!


Lisa said...

beautiful work! I really like your pendulums and the egg rattles are very nice too!! Good luck!!

hidingplainsight said...

those rattles are brilliant!