Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beeswax Candles

Earlier this week my circle got together and we made rolled beeswax candles.

CM gave us a quick demo on how to roll the candles-- really very easy to do-- and then we got started. Basically we cut the sheets of beeswax for the size of candle we wanted, cut the wicking the length needed, pressed it into one end of the wax sheet and tightly rolled it up. Just that simple!

Magically, we warmed the beeswax sheet with our hands as we concentrated on our intention for the candle and continued to focus on that as we rolled the wax.

And of course, I had to ask the question-- can we add herbs? Because I love using my little green friends in anything magical, if possible. CM didn't have much on hand for herbs, but we did break out the sage, and he had a variety of essential oils, so we used some of those, as well.

My lavender candles are for everyday use on my altar, but the white candles I made for the upcoming house cleansing our circle is doing. They have rosemary oil (purification, protection, health, blessing) and sage leaves (protection, purification, health) in them.

I really loved this project and would like to make more candles this way in the future.


Dori said...

That sounds wonderful and I bet the candles will smell good too. They look wonderful!

intothedawn said...

DORI~ The white ones smell fantastic! Can't seem to smell the purple ones much; don't know if its b/c I didn't get enough oil in them or just that the white ones overpower them! LOL

Anonymous said...

When I melt the wax from my hives I always try and add some fresh herbs. Mint is a favorite because it has such a wonderful scent.
There is something about the way beeswax candles resonate , it has an extra something , don't you think?
How exciting!
They look lovely!

intothedawn said...

ILLUMINARY~ I know I felt it when I use homemade poured candles & I'm sure I'll feel it burning these-- there is such good magical energy in candles made by hand!