Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fairy Door Class

I taught my fairy door class today and it was tons of FUN!

The class was about half as big as anticipated because quite a few people were unable to make it due to illness, homework, etc., but that actually turned out to be an advantage. There was plenty of table space for everyone to work and one pasta machine for every 2 people, which worked out very well, no one had to wait long to use that or any of the other tools if they were in use.

I did a little overview on how I got into polymer clay work, talked about how to condition and bake clay, passed around the sample fairy doors for everyone to look at, explained how to use the tools and texture sheets, etc., and then everyone got to claying.

Look at the fabulous doors they created! Didn't they do a fantastic job? I just loved seeing how creative everyone got. Everyone came up with such great ideas and had a good time in the process. In fact, everyone had such fun that we started discussing plans for another class in the future!


Dori said...

Sounds wonderful DawnMarie!

Michelle said...

That is just so cool! Sounds like you're a pretty good teacher ;-) And the doors they created are all so pretty and unique!

Anonymous said...

that just looks like so much fun!

Meri Greenleaf said...

That looks like so much fun!

Desert Rubble said...

that's so wonderful! I'm so glad it went well, way to go!

sukigirl said...

By the look of those fairy doors I think the teacher gets an A+!