Saturday, February 5, 2011

I'm Still Here

Sorry about the 3 month hiatus-- it was totally unexpected and unplanned. I guess I needed a break from blogging?

Now its a new year, I'm working on a new focus and I've added some new features to my blog-- mainly the tabs at the top of the page just under my header. I decided to clean up my sidebar and give my shop widgets, tutorial links and blog awards their own pages. So please do feel free to peruse them at your leisure!

As for the new focus... well, its not quite so new. At Autumn Equinox I ritually dedicated my creative work to Deity and my pagan path... so part of my silence has been figuring out what this dedication really means to me, my expression of self, my art work and everything else tied in to all this, even including the way I promote myself, what blogs I read and what sorts of topics I blog about.

Quite possibly, readers of my blog won't even notice much of a difference in content. I think the difference is in my intention, my own mindset. As for my creative work-- expect less jewelry and more sculpted pieces, wall decor, and mosaic work like some of the shrines and boxes I've done in the past. I also want to get back into journaling again, whether that means written, art or nature journaling-- most likely all of the above and any other type of journaling form I can find to explore. Some pages I'll be sure to share here... and some will be personal enough that I probably won't.

If you're still following and reading my blog, thanks for hanging in there during the silence! I think I'm ready to be back.


☼Illuminary☼ said...

It's always about intention, and it's always important to find your own focus.
still here
still loving your art~!

intothedawn said...

ILLUMINARY~ Thanks so much for commenting, glad you are still here!

amygrennell said...

Glad you are back, sort of. I have a new blog, I switched for the last time. :) I love your new year's intention and it really goes well with everything in life I think. :) Blessings, amy

intothedawn said...

Hi AMY! Good to hear from you & thanks for letting my know about your blog move. Are you SURE its the last move? *wink*