Saturday, February 26, 2011

Traveling By Train

We had another one of our whirlwind trips back to Iowa this past week, but this time we let someone else do the driving. We took the train!

Leaving Denver at night

We got a sleeper car on Amtrak and it really worked out well. And less expensive than flying.

We had our own compartment with 2 nice wide seats facing each other, much more comfy than being squished into airplane seats.

Our fold down table with complimentary bottles of water.

The seats folded down to make one bed...

... another bed unlatched and dropped down from the ceiling above. Note the harness that attached to the ceiling and side of the bunk so that hubby wouldn't roll out in the middle of the night!

Arriving in Iowa just at sunrise.

The only bad thing about taking the train is that both trips, there and back, were overnight, so we couldn't enjoy the scenery on the way. But it was relaxing not having to worry about the drive, meals were included and the food was surprisingly very good, we met some interesting fellow passengers while in the dining car, and we had an opportunity to sleep along the way. Not a bad way to travel.

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